Alien Facehugger Figure with Magazine


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The Facehugger isÿa parasitic life-form that emerges from giant alien-like eggs, searching for prey to implant an embryonic form of the Xenomorph. Its bony finger-like legs can quickly chase after potential prey and securely wrap around its victim’s head.ÿThe Facehugger’s long tail can then wrap tightly around the victim’sÿneckÿas a threat to suffocate theÿhost if one tries to remove it during the implantation process. It also has a highly acidic blood which can sprayÿwildy if its skin is cut through, which will endanger the victim’s life if surgically removed due to catastrophic burns from the process.The Alien and Predator Figurine Collection features the most iconic characters and creatures from all of the Alien and Predator movies. Thisÿhighly detailed hand-painted model isÿcast in metallic resin.

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