Army Challenge Puzzle


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18 items identified closely with the US Army have been precision cut from at least 5 different hardwoods. Your mission is to get them all in the base. This task will require perseverance, focus and determination – all things that are hallmarks of the US Army. Can you make the grade??Puzzle measures about 7” x 7” in the frame and cover. This puzzle comes packaged unsolved, but solution is included. If you would like me to personalize it, such as putting info on the Dog Tags, or the Cover you can selection the option below. Items in the puzzle include: Jeep, Bayonet, Dog Tags, Colt Revolver, MI Springfield Rifle, M16 Rifle, Abrams Tank, Bradley Fighting Vehicle, Civil War Cannon, Canteen, Boot, Soldier, Army Emblem, Steel Helmet, Bazooka & missle, Grenade© Creative Crafthouse – Made in USA – original artwork by Alexandra Plummer

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