Attack on Titan Eren Yeager ARTFX J Statue – ReRun


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Eren Yeager holds his ultrahard blade high in this dynamic statue! Inspired by the popular anime series Attack on Titan. His cape is removable, and his maneuvering equipment is sculpted in fine detail! This stunning statue measures roughly 10 1/4-inches tall. Eren Yeager, the main hero in the popular anime series Attack on Titan, joins the ARTFX J lineup from Kotobukiya in a different package variant. Sculpted in a dynamic pose that evokes an image of a battle in the forest, Eren is seen with his ultrahard blade high in the air, recreating the very moment as he slashes at a Titan. Highlights of this figure are Eren’s strong-willed expression and the overall pose, with legs looking so natural that he seems to be leaping in the air. Plus, his cape is removable and his vertical maneuvering equipment has been sculpted in such fine detail that each component maintains the essence of its machine-like look! In addition, every element of the tree that serves as the base of the figure is finely sculpted, from the

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