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Balance consists of 6 sticks, each with 2 balls at the ends and also a pedestal with a slightly thicker center post. The task is to balance all the sticks on the tip of the thicker stick in such a way that none of the 6 sticks fall down, touch the floor or the pedestal. In addition to a bit of skill, the solution requires above all logic, because the balancing act will only succeed if you arrange the 6 sticks correctly!

Made in wood by Siebenstein-Spiele. Based in Munster, Germany, Siebenstein-Spiele was founded in 1992. Although the company is mainly known for board games, Siebenstein-Spiele also makes many wooden puzzles, several of which have been designed by company founder Jürgen Reiche.

Wood Colors May Vary.

Object Balance the 6 pieces on the central stick so that nothing falls.
Difficulty Level 8 – Demanding
Brand Siebenstein-Spiele
Types More Wood Puzzles, Jürgen Reiche
Packaging plastic box