Batman 1950s Decades Collection Figure with Magazine


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A new era brought a new Batman, 1950s alteration of the Caped Crusader continues exploring his history in our all new Batman Decades Figurines Collection! As Batman entered his second decade of publishing, the Batman of the 1950s was a reassuring figure and a fighter for justice. New artists such as Sheldon Moldoff and Dick Sprang joined Bob Kane and helped to give a new look to the superhero. At the same time the world of the Dark Knight was changed from crime-noir thrillers to a more futuristic fantastical adventures. This Batman Golden Age 1950s Figurine was inspired by Batman’s appearance in Detective Comics in 1950s. He is wearing a classic grey suit, yellow utility belt, bright blue high boots, gloves, cowl and cape. His appearance reflects the era introducing a friendly and smiling law-enforsement officer.

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