Batman 1960s Decades Collection Figure with Magazine


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The Batman of the 1960s raced towards the future with a determination to be a part of our all-new Batman Decades Figurines Collection! The 1960s saw Batman returning to his dark, dramatic roots and more down-to-earth crimes. Carmine Infantino redesigned the costume of the Dark Knight making it more realistic than before and introduced now-iconic insignia. First seen in World’s Finest #141, Batmans logo was placed in a yellow oval on Batman’s chest. This Batman Silver Age 1960s Figurine was inspired by Caped Crusader’s appearance in Detective Comics #327. He is wearing a classic grey tight-fitting bodysuit with black briefs, yellow utility belt, bright blue high boots, gloves, cowl and cape. He is rushing to solve the crimes and save Gotham from danger!

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