Batman 1980s Decades Collection Figure with Magazine


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Becoming truly timeless in the 1980s, Batman was a relentless hero who ?ghts against evil by cloaking himself in darkness! In the 1980s Batman was presented in many different publishing formats and a variety of storytelling styles. A number of limited series and standalone graphic novels widened the Dark Knight’s world, that grew ever darker as the 1980s progressed. The hero slowly morphed from a somewhat troubled team player into an obsessively focussed individual who fought relentlessly against the evil. The Batman Modern Age 1980s Figurine was inspired by Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns , which was set in a dystopian near-future. He is a grim hero with an aggressive expression on his face, that brings fear to the criminals of Gotham city. He holds his batarang ready to throw and his cape is fluttering in the wind.

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