Batman 1990s Decades Collection Figure with Magazine


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A tireless hero, Batman became ever more determined in the 1990s facing challenging times. Batman’s world took an epic turn in the 1990s, when extended storylines became the norm – weaving through the entire line of books. With the 90s being traumatic years for the Dark Knight, the epic Knightfall breaks the “Bat” and finally sees him losing for the first time,as an earthquake turns Gotham City to rubble. This hand-painted figurine is inspired by Kelley Jones’ distinctive interpretation from the mid-90s. The Batman Modern Age 1990s Figurine was inspired by Kelley Jones’s distinctive interpretation from the mid-90s. This metallic resin figurine was hand-painted for incredible detail capturing more Gothic style to the overall look of the hero. He is a silent sentinel standing against a rising tide of chaos. Cloaked in shadow, he operates as a relentless force for good.

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