Batman Universe Penguin 1966 with Collector Magazine #30


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There’s nobody quite like Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, aka the Penguin, from the original 1966 Batman TV show. Portrayed by the inimitable Burgess Meredith, the Penguin is a character no fan of the classic series can easily forget. He’s one of Batman’s most enduring enemies and belongs to the group of adversaries that make up Batman’s “rogues gallery.” This 1:16 scale bust stands about 5 1/5-inches tall and includes a full-color 16-page magazine packed with in-depth information about this unique villain. The Penguin is a Gotham mobster who fancies himself a “gentleman of crime,” often sporting a monocle, top hat, and tuxedo. He’s a short, obese man with a long nose, and he uses high-tech umbrellas as weapons. The Penguin runs a nightclub called the Iceberg Lounge that serves as a front for his criminal activities. Unlike many of Batman’s adversaries, Penguin is (arguably) sane and in control of his actions.

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