Berserk Guts Deluxe Rage Ed. Premium Masterline 1:4 Statue


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Let me feel the pain. Get up and pierce some flesh and bone! Straight from the mind of Kentarou Miura comes the warrior of eternal struggle: Guts! Here, he cuts a swath through Evil with his new sword, Dragonslayer, an unbelievable, prosthetic left arm, and a renewed thirst for revenge! This Rage Edition standing approximately 27-inches tall with his cape sweeping behind him in a dramatic arc. Guts’ Berserker Armor is faithfully recreated with multi-layered paint applications, weathering, and washes to bring out every minute detail and texture. On the base, this tortured warrior wades through a demonic hellscape of death, drenched in horror, carnage, and blood! The Deluxe version Guts comes with three (3) swappable helmets; glowing-red eyes where his rage is boiling over, in control of himself where you can see his real eyes, and the original berserker armor helmet before it changed shape like the Beast of Darkness! And when he is no longer in control from his insane killing sprees, putting Astral Proje

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