Berserk Guts Deluxe Unleash Premium Masterline 1:4 Statue


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Keep your head cool. Don’t yield your mind to it. Only control the pain enough to move freely. Draw out the minimum power of the armor. Straight from the mind of Kentarou Miura comes the warrior of eternal struggle: Guts! Guts may have survived his first meeting with Femto, missing an eye and an arm, but he more than makes up for it with his new sword, Dragonslayer, an unbelievable, prosthetic left arm, and a renewed thirst for revenge! This unique interpretation of Guts – ready for a fight at a jaw-dropping 36-inches tall to the very tip of Dragonslayer. His cape sweeps behind him in a dramatic arc; his demeanor, grim, as he strides onward to the next threat. Guts’ armor is faithfully recreated with multi-layered paint applications, weathering, and washes to bring out every minute texture. On the base, this tortured warrior wades through a demonic hellscape of slain astral demons, severed heads, and carrion beasts. In addition to Guts’ standard portrait, the Deluxe Version Guts comes with three other s

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