Birthday Cake Gift Puzzle Box


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The Birthday Cake is a charming wooden gift box with a secret vault inside and it is also a mechanical puzzle box to solve. You can put a small present inside, such as jewelry, money or even a key for the new car! To open the box, it is necessary to solve 3 riddles. The cake is personalized so that you can set the age of the gift recipient.

  • Mechanical Treasure Box
  • 3x sequential riddles
  • Sophisticated gift wrap
  • Customizable age
  • Ages: 14+
Object Open the box.
Difficulty Level 7 – Challenging
Brand iDventure
Types Wooden Puzzle Boxes, Puzzle Boxes / Trick Boxes
Dimensions 10.5 cm x 10.5 cm x 6.5 cm / 4.1 in x 4.1 in x 2.6 in
Packaging Cardboard Box