Boeing B-52 with X-15 1:175 Scale Plastic Model Kit


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From Atlantis comes the Boeing B-52 with X-15 1:175 Scale Plastic Model Kit! Molded in shiny silver plastic, this kit comes with updated decals (USAF and Nasa), a swivel base, and an option to add external fuel tanks. The X-15 is removable fromthe Mother plane. Measures 11-inches long with a wingspan of 13-inches. One of the major steps in America’s program to conquer space was the X-15 Project. The stated aims of the project were to discover how well an aircraft can be controlled in near-space environment, and what problems are inherent in re-entering the atmosphere in a piloted aircraft. In order to gain as much altitude as possible witout expending fuel from the X-15’s limited supply, the aircraft is carried aloft nested under the wing of a modified B-52 Jet Bomber. In the fuselage of the bomber rides a crew of technicians who service the X-15 during the climb to the launch point. This David and Goliath combination was a very significant step in aviation history. Ages 14 and up

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