Bohnanza: Ladies & Gangsters

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Age: 13+ Players: 3 – 5 Average Game Length: Approx. 60 minutes Made by: Rio Grande Games These two great stand-alone Bohnanza games are combined into one box. Gangsters: Two against the mafiaEach player is a bean farmer. He plants beans on his bean fields and then harvest and sells them for as many gold coins as he can. At the same time, the players compete against the bean mafia. Each bean mafia boss is a fictitious player with his own bean fields. The goal is to beome richer than the other player or even richer than the bean mafia. Components: 120 Cards, 1 Rules Ladies: Ladies in the FieldsLadies is quite similar to Bohnanza, but lady beans offer greater earnings than gentlemen beans within the same bean type; and baby beans yield no earnings at all for the player. When harvesting a field, the beanometer showing on the top-most card (last card played) in the field is the one used for receiving gold coin from the harvest.Components: 112 Cards, 1 Rules

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