Brain (Clear) – Auto Return Yo-Yo


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Level 1 Yo-yo for Beginners – Easy to learn and play. The original auto return yo-yo! The Yomega® BrainTM contains a centrifugal clutch that opens on the down swing, enabling the yo-yo to “sleep” or spin at the end of the string. When the yoyo slows down, the clutch snaps shut causing the yoyo to return automatically to the player’s hand. The Yomega Brain is one of the most popular yoyo designs in history and great for beginners. Every kid, or kid at heart, can “Walk the Dog” and feel the satisfaction that comes with mastering all the classic tricks. Weighs 59 g, and has a 58.7 mm diameter and a 2.5 mm gap widthWidth/diameter: 35.7 mm Brand: Yomega

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