Brilliance: Alpine Sunrise

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This Brilliance Puzzle features one of the world’s greatest and most colorful photographs. With its bright and brilliant imagery, you are sure to be transported to Edith Creek, found on Skyline Trail Loop, a hiking trail along the south side of Mount Rainier. The Paradise Valley has long been one of the state’s most beloved hiking destinations because of its southern exposure, giving it a longer season than its north side counterpart, Sunrise. This puzzle features a view of the creek, during sunrise, as the sun peeks just over the top of Mount Rainer. The spot gloss on this puzzle and puzzle box ensures the brightest, highest-quality image possible. To reduce its impact on our environment, the chipboard used in this puzzle is made of recycled material. 1000 Pieces. Finished Size: Approx. 27 in x 20 in / 68 cm x 49 cmImage by: ©Inge Johnson / Alamy Stock Photo Made by: Masterpiece Puzzles

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