Carcassonne: Abbey & Mayor


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NOTE: This is an expansion. Carcassonne Base Game is required to play. With a new tile type and three new pieces, theAbbey & Mayorexpansion for Carcassonnegives players more options than ever.Abbey tiles act as monasteries, but you can use them to plug holes in the board by filling spaces surrounded by tiles.Mayors help you control cities by using coats of arms to determine their strength. Outside the city walls, Barns synergize with farmers to enhance the value of fields they occupy, while wagons can be placed like followers but then moved from one feature to the next after scoring. Such avariety of tiles and pieces creates numerous opportunities to employcunning strategies that can outwit opponents. Contents: Rulebook, 12 Land Tiles, 6 Abbey Tiles, 6 Mayors, 6 Wagons, 6 Barns Players: 2-6Age: 7+ Length: Approximately 45 minutes Made by: Z-Man Games

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