Catcus Plush: Can’t Touch Hiss Edition by Linda Panda


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What happens when you combine the prickly aesthetic of cacti with the furry cuteness of cats? Catcus Plush, of course! Whether perched on your sunny windowsill or snuggled up on your couch, this cuddly cutie is ready to go home with you right meow! Artist Linda Panda brings her signature style, along with a dash of sass, to the Catcus Plush: Can’t Touch Hiss Edition. Standing tall at 8-inches, the Catcus plush has a weighted base to ensure stability and is as soft as it is cute.

Linda Panda and Kidrobot have previously worked together on the Crayola Coloring Critters Blind Box Mini Series, Crayola Coloring Critters Plush, Care Bears Polite Panda Art Figures, Wild Ones Dunny Series and most recently on the new Catcus Plush.