Cherry Maze Box – Limited Edition


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Limited Edition: Only 250 produced. This is a medium difficulty box in the series of four circle maze boxes brought to you by Kagen Sound. It features a rotating stainless steel maze in a lovely Cherry wood box. A small pin must be navigated to the center of the maze to unlock the box. You can navigate the small peg through the maze by pushing the lid of the box side to side and by rotating the maze itself. A beautiful limited edition box that contains a certificate of authenticity numbered and signed by the designer, Kagen Sound. Perfect for the collector! Includes puzzle solution as well as instructions for resetting the box. About Kagen SoundKagen Sound (formerly Schaefer) is a full-time artist known for his complex secret opening boxes.His work has received grand prize and people’s choice awards numerous times in the international NobYoshigahara puzzle design competition. He is acknowledged as a master craftsperson by the Karakuri Creation Group, the worlds only guild of secret box makers in Japan.Kagen attended Colorado College and received a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics with honors in 2000. He currently lives in Denver Colorado with his wife Megan. They changed their last name together in 2013 after they married. “Sound” is word used to describe a person as being “sound of character” and an object being “structurally sound”, something that both Megan and Kagen identify with in the work they do.

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