Chinese Checkers – 11 inch Standard


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Age: 14+ Players: 2-6 Made by: CHH Games Be the first to move your 10 pegs to the opposing star point through a series of moves and jumps! Simple yet challenging for the whole family! Traditional and well known throughout the world. Did you know that the game of Chinese Checkers did NOT originate in China or any part of Asia? In reality, the game was invented in 1892 in Germany under the name of “Stern-Halma”, a variation of an American game of Halma. The current name of “Chinese Checkers” originated as a marketing scheme by Bill & Jack Pressman in 1928. Includes: 60 colorful wooden playing pieces in 6 distinct colors, storage bag and instructions.Board measures: (W x L x H) = 11.0″ x 11.0″ x 1.0″

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