Compass & Star


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Part of the True Genius Collection.

This combination of low-difficulty puzzles is great for the beginning puzzle solver. The compass must be taken apart and reassembled; the star must be removed from its cage.

In 1600 BC, China’s Shang Dynasty harnessed the wisdom of the ancients to propel development and advances in navigation. The Shang navigators’ dedicated study of celestial bodies gave them huge advantages over all other explorers, based solely on keen observations of the night sky. But China’s navigational abilities were only as good as the weather. Around 850 AD, the Chinese developed a magnetized needle which, when suspended in water, always pointed south. This “lo-tech” compass provided the directional guidance essential to accurate navigation and is the foundation of today’s hi-tech variation.

This two-puzzle set challenges you to navigate distinctly different obstacles using the dedication and focus that drove ancient China’s true genius.

Ages: 14+

Object Take apart the puzzles and put back together.
Difficulty Level 8 – Demanding
Brand Project Genius
Types More Wire Puzzles, More Wood Puzzles
Packaging Cardboard Box