Connecting Cubes


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This consists of 8 cubes each of which has a unique arrangement of a slot cut out of one face and a connecting board on another face. The aim here is to make a 2x2x2 cube. There are also a few other possible simpler assemblies which you will find along the way

This puzzle was crafted in Europe with absolutely fantastic quality. Each of the puzzles of Pelikan design are unparalleled in their class!
Every piece of the puzzle is precisely cut and very well made; you cannot find its equal anywhere else.The diversity in wood makes each puzzle a unique masterpiece.

Designed by: Lucie Pauwels
Made in a combination of mixed woods.

Object Use the pieces to create a cube.
Difficulty Level 8 – Demanding
Brand Pelikan
Types European Wood Puzzles, Lucie Pauwels
Dimensions 64cm x 64cm x 64cm / 2.52 in x 2.52 in x 2.52 in
Packaging Cloth Drawstring bag