Convair Space Shuttlecraft 1:150 Scale Plastic Model Kit


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From Atlantis comes the Convair Space Shuttlecraft 1:150 Scale Plastic Model Kit! Designed by Kraft Ehricke, this kit features separating booster and shuttle stages, removable power unit, detailed interior with removable canopy, base and launching pad, 3 ground crew figures, and five shuttle crew members for the cockpit. Comes molded in blue with 40 parts, standing nearly 11 1/4-inches tall when complete. Skill level 2. NOYTE: On the box it says “Transports personnel between earth and space satellite!” Please remember that this was written in 1959 before any satellites were sent into space. When the first Earth satellites are established they will be relatively small. For this reason, it will be necessary to replenish supplies and change personnel at frequent intervals, and it is for this purpose that Krafft Ehricke designed this spacecraft. Krafft Ehricke is assistant to the Technical Director of the Astronautics Division of Convair. He was born in Germany in 1917 and after a formal education that led to

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