Cosmojetz Gear Box - Wind-up Toys


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Design by Chico Bicalho, 2000 Here are some tips to enjoy your wired eight-legged friend and get the most fun out of its ultra-fidgety existence. Cosmojetz has too much energy for its own good; it has A.D.D. elevated to an incommensurable level, so you better wind Cosmojetz, and stand back while it performs what it thinks is some kind of weightless activity. To wind up Cosmojetz, hold it in one hand, keeping the counterweight from spinning, while turning the key with the other hand. Cosmojetz works best when four of its eight booties always touch the ground. You can let Cosmojetz go from any of the six positions it stands, but, Cosmojetz behaves most wildly if you let it go from either of the two vertical positions.Every once in a while, a bit of spray lubricant will keep the engine revving like crazy. Cosmojetz’s favorite performing surfaces are marble or wooden tables; essentially any hard level surface will do. Two or more Cosmojetz together may make a mess of your table cloth. Colors of the feet and wind-up key may vary.

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