Crown Iron Puzzle Lock


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This lock will need some force to slide some of the pieces of the puzzle as they are tight.We have tested all the locks and they are solvable. Made from solid metal, this large and heavy trick lock is more complex than it appears, and unlike regular locks, a key is not the only answer. It requires a more careful inspection to discover the secret to unlocking it. This beautiful design reflects its namesake and is certainly a treasure worth collecting. These locks are hand made, there are slight variations in each lock. They are replicas of ancient Indian locks and are made to look old but are brand new. This is a very difficult puzzle lock. Weight: Approx. 1.25 KG / 2.75 lbs Dimensions: Approx. 10.3 cm x 14.5 cm x 8.3 cm / 4.1 in x 5.7 in x 3.3 in

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