Curling Fanatic Puzzle


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Can you fit all the pieces into the frame? An artistic and very challenging puzzle. The pieces are precision cut and laser etched from 1/4” maple, cherry, mahogany and acrylic. Each set will be a little different as we mix the woods. Items depicted include Sweepers (2 pairs), 3 stones, shoes, curler, broom, Curling Federation, Olympic Curling symbol.
Measures about 7” x 7” inside the base and comes with a wooden cover.
An original copyright Creative Crafthouse design made in USA, artwork by Alexandra Plummer

ObjectPut all the wooden pieces in the container
DifficultyLevel 9 – Gruelling
BrandCreative Crafthouse
TypesDave Janelle, Packing Puzzles
Dimensions19 cm x 19 cm x 1.9 cm / 7.5 in x 7.5 in x 0.75 in