Curvy Copter – Black Body


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The Curvy Copter is a shape modification of the Helicopter Cube. Instead of normal planar cuts, the cutting line is placed at an angle of 32 degrees to give parabolic cuts. In addition to the 24 faces and 8 corners that need to be solved, the curved cuts reveal 12 edge pieces normally hidden inside the puzzle. The curved cuts also give rise to the beautiful clover leaf pattern on the faces. Because the orientation of the edges has to be taken into account, the Curvy Copter is a bigger challenge to solve than the Helicopter Cube. It has over a thousand times more combinations than the Helicopter Cube, but is still a very friendly puzzle. Just like the Helicopter Cube, the Curvy Copter has optional jumbling moves which allow the puzzle to take on strange shapes and become even more scrambled. So once you have learned how to solve a Curvy Copter which has not been jumbled, you will face another challenge of solving the Curvy Copter after it has been jumbled.

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