Danlock Puzzle


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This is a classic puzzle lock that is a essential part of any collector’s compilation. The famous puzzle collector and renowned puzzle solver Edward Hordern (1941 -2000) wrote in CFF Magazine in 1998 that if he could only keep 3 of his puzzle locks (he had more than 200 of them!) he would keep this one and just 2 other antique locks. A very big commendation from a man who collected a great many puzzles in his lifetime. The Danlock might look like a normal padlock but you will soon realize that you will have to solve more than one puzzle to open it. How intruiguing that one key appears to have been broken in half…The best part of this lock is that it is just as difficult to close as it was to open! You get all the tools you require with the lock. No external tools are required to solve it. Danlock is designed by Dan Feldman from Israel. The locks are made from real padlocks by Nabob and then precision modified to create this puzzle masterpiece. Size: 84mm x 50mm x 17mmPackaged in felt bag and includes printed solution.

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