Dentist 4 in 1


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Aaron Wang is a puzzle creator that specializes in modifiying existing puzzle designs in order to construct very difficult and complex variations. This design was done in collaboration with DDK and is handmade by Aaron himself. Rated as a difficulty level of 10+, this wire puzzle is for the experienced puzzler looking for a challenge! The puzzle also features a unique clasp that allows you to reset the puzzle if you get hopelessly tangled or just want to start from the beginning… Dentist 4 in 1 features 4 different objectives in 1 puzzle that each require a different set-up that is illustrated inside the packAge: 1) Physician – Move the string and ball from one side of the “tooth” to the other2) Good – Remove the ring from the puzzle3) Qualified – Remove the string from the puzzle.4) Great – Remove the ring from a different starting position on the opposite side of the “tooth”.

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