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A handmade logic puzzle game; can you open the locks and solve the codes to discover the message hidden within?

Dislocation is a wooden puzzle game featuring mechanical puzzle locks to open and codes to break. The whole puzzle is initially locked inside the box and once the coded puzzles are completed it will allow you to open another locked compartment to get to a hidden message.

The puzzle and codes within are designed to be moderate to hard difficulty. The game is currently taking three to five hours to complete and there is a nice gap to have a rest between each code.

The puzzle itself is about the size of a good book. A great challenge designed by Martin Raynsford.

Object Decode the message to unlock the box.
Difficulty Level 9 – Gruelling
Brand Martin Raynsford
Types Martin Raynsford, Wooden Puzzle Boxes, Puzzle Boxes / Trick Boxes
Dimensions 15.8 cm x 21.7 cm 1.9 cm / 6.2 in x 8.5 in x 0.75 in
Packaging Cardboard Box