Disney Classic Aristocats Marie DS-059 D-Stage 6-Inch Statue


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Calling all fans of classic Disney animations! A set of intricately designed statues fit for any desk! Since the dawn of Sound Film in the 1930s, Disney has been creating cinematic magic that has whisked viewers to worlds filled with love and laughter! With this, Beast Kingdom, the “Entertainment Experience Brand,” couldn’t be more proud than to introduce this line of D-Stage, “Staging Your Dreams” statues: The Disney Classic Animation Series. Forward to 1970, and the 20th animated feature for the powerhouse studio was the fun animated adventure comedy: The Aristocats! Based around a group of aristocratic Parisian cats, the story finds the family turning to an alley cat to gain their lost fortunes! The D-Stage diorama shows our high-class felines, including Marie herself adorned with a parasol, sitting on top of a pillow and ball fit for the most elegant of cats. Using 360-degree, detailed 3D modeling technology as well as including an immense amount of details with each title included as a logo on the ba

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