Disney Traditions Chip and Dale Sledding Saucer Statue


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Of course, they’re sledding together. Is it even remotely possible that this mischievous pair would be riding sleds separately? Made of polyresin and calcium carbonate and measuring approximately 3 1/2-inches wade x 3 1/5-inches tall x 2 1/8-inches long, this cheering Disney Traditions Chip and Dale Sledding Saucer Statue is one you want in your own collection. Don’t let it get away! The Disney Traditions collection by Jim Shore combines the magic of Disney with the time-honored motifs of handcrafted folk art. Jim Shore is a treasured artist and something of a legend, inspiring his friends and expansive base of followers with work reminiscent of family, tradition, spirituality, and love of country. Shore’s signature look of handmade, hand-carved art evokes appreciation and nostalgia, while embracing inspired themes of folklore and tradition found within American and European folk art. As a quilting aficionado, he often combines traditional quilt patterns with one of his favorite types of folk art, rosemal

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