Doctor Who Ashad The Lone Cyberman Figure


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A partially cyber-converted human, Ashad was a true believer in the Cyber-Empire’s cause and willingly offered himself up for conversion. He despised his lingering humanity and came to be known as “The Lone Cyberman” in his quest to revive the lost Cyber-Empire. Ashad first met the Doctor in 1816, when he sought to extract the Cyberium – a full database of Cyberman knowledge and history – from the poet Percy Shelley. He escaped with his prize and returned to the future to awaken a dormant army of thousands of Cyber-Warriors, even forming an alliance with The Master. This Doctor Who Collection Ashad The Lone Cyberman Figure with Collector Magazine captures the likeness of the character portrayed by Patrick O’Kane the 2020 Thirteenth Doctor Adventure The Haunting of Villa Diodati . The roughly 3 3/4-inch tall figurine has been meticulously crafted in specially formulated metallic polyresin and painted by hand and is accompanied by a 16-page magazine featuring information about your figurine and its creation

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