Doctor Who Companion Collection #12 Figures Set of 4


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In his third incarnation, the Doctor (played by Jon Pertwee) was exiled to 20th-century Earth by his fellow Time Lords. Dashing and distinguished, this Doctor was a master of Venusian aikido with a fondness for fast cars, and joined the Unified Intelligence Taskforce – or UNIT – as a scientific advisor, to better defend Earth from alien invasion. The Third Doctor was joined by his outspoken and enthusiastic lab assistant Jo Grant, as well as the aggressive Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart – or simply “The Brigadier”, and the reliable, unshakeable Sergeant Benton. The Doctor and the Brigadier often clashed over the latter’s preference for military force over peaceful solutions, but eventually developed a genuine and mutual respect. The Doctor Who Third Doctor Companion Collection #12 Figures Set of 4 includes a 20-page magazine packed with details behind each character’s time in the TARDIS, including character biographies and classic stories. Don’t miss out and add this excellent companion set to your collecti

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