Frame Arms Kagutsuchi-Otsu Sniper Model 2 Type 48 Model Kit


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The Frame Arms Kagutsuchi-Otsu “Sniper” Model 2 Type 48 Model Kit stands roughly 7-inches tall and is completely compatible with other Frame Arms figures. It comes with a newly sculpted large gun weapon “Type 110 Extra Long Range Cannon Murakumo”, as well as the “Type 102 Autocannon Hibiki” rifle and shield “Type 95 Shield System Iwato” shield. Newly designed ankle joints are used for greater stability and a wider range of movement and special hand parts are included to securely hold the larger weapon parts. The chest, shoulders, and thigh parts are equipped with newly designed extra armor and a new sensor is included for the head part. Frame Arms is an original action robot mechanics created by Kotobukiya, with “Frame” meaning the core of the body that is shared by all robots, and “Arms” meaning the outer armor to be suited on the Frame. Frame Arms has a wide range of articulation for various posing options and each robot is designed intricately to fit other types of Frame Arms. The outer parts are made

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