Frilled Lizard Robot Kit


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Build your own Robot Pet Frilled Lizard! Watch the lizard’s eyes light up and it’s mouth open and close. If you startle it, it will shake it’s neck, frill and tail at you and then run away…. Features: Interactive Artificial Intelligence2 different Funway modes Infrared SensoreLED Eye illumination This lizard robot has an infrared sensor that is programmed to “escape” or “follow-me”. If the infrared sensor is activated in the “escape” mode the robot will automatically act shocked by spreading its frill, dropping its jaw, illuminate its bicolor LED eyes and will scurry away from you until it escapes to a safe distance. If the infrared sensor is switched to the “follow-me” mode using the 2 way function switch, then the robot will assess the danger by unfurling and shaking its frill. When the robot does not sense danger, it will proceed to follow you like a pet lizard. Requires 4 AAA Batteries (NOT INCLUDED)Detailed assembly instructions included.Ages 10+

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