Fully Functional 3x4x5 Cube – Black body – DIY


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The Fully Functional 3x4x5 Cube is made with a hard black plastic core. The purpose of this puzzle is to scramble up all 6 edges and then return it back to its original shape so that each face only has one color on it. The unique thing about this puzzle is that it is 3 layers deep in one direction, 4 layers deep in a second direction, and 5 layers deep in a third direction. This allows the puzzle to take on a variety of shapes, causing it to be more challenging. The do-it-yourself feature allows for you to customize your color pattern however you like. MF8, the creators of the Fully Functional 3x4x5 Cube, is owned by Mr. Fok, who is not only a designer, but also owns an OEM factory, which allows him to continually release puzzles into the market.

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