Ghostbusters Slimer Plush Toy Stuffed Animal

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When there’s something strange, in your neighborhood. Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS! Kidrobot team up with Ghostbusters to bring fans the slimiest squeezable plush toy version of Slimer from everyone’s favorite paranormal fighting team, Ghostbusters. This 8-inch tall high quality Slimer plushie stuffed animal is the perfect nostalgic gift for any Ghostbusters fan! 
The Kidrobot x Ghostbusters collection features a larger Slimer shake action HugMe Plush and 8-inch Ghostbuster collectibles including the classic Ghostbusters Logo plush, this Slimer plushie and everybody’s favorite marshmallow, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man plush toy, these lovable ghosts make the perfect addition to any basement containment unit. Grab them all today and show everyone that you ain’t afraid of no ghost!