Group Special – a set of 23 Puzzle Master Rotational Puzzles


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The following puzzles are in this set. Click on the individual puzzle name to get a more descriptive view of each puzzle: Quadruple 2×2 Cube,Triple 2×2 Cube,Double 2×2 Cube,Bandage Cube – Hex Box,Megaminx,Pyraminx,Morphegg – White,Gear Cube – Black,Gear Cube Extreme – White,Professor Pyraminx,Feliks Pillow Cube – Black Body,Gear Shift,Venus Cube,Oskar’s Treasure Chest – Black Body,Chopsticks Puzzle,Gear Ball,Curvy Copter Plus – Black,Pocket Cube – 4 Color Edition,Skewb Xtreme – 10 Color Edition,Ghostcube – Meffert’s Brain Teaser Puzzle,Clear 2x2x2 Cube,Ghost Hedgehog – Black Body with White Labels,Quarks Cube,

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