Group Special – a set of 34 wood puzzles


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The following puzzles are in this set. Soma Cube, Easy Does It, Tangled Tales, Desperado, The Big Tease, Eureka, Loop de Loop, Wedding Vows, Wild Dog, Mouse Trap – Puzzle Master, Enigma – Wood Puzzle, Mayhem, Riddler, Magic Coin Box, Triangulator, Galaxy – Wood Puzzle, Mosaic, Star – Wood, Gyro, Atom Bomb, Log Jam, Invader, Dungeon, Tower of Babel – Puzzle Master, Twisted Gem, Magic Dice, Star of David – Wooden Puzzle, Secret Opening Box 2, Secret Opening Box 3, Conundrum, Secret Opening Box, Rattler, Shape Shifter, Deja Vu.
Object assembly and disentanglement puzzles
Brand Puzzle Master
Types Puzzle Master Wood Puzzles, Group Specials