Gundam Thunderbolt Full Armor Ver. Ka MG 1:100 Model Kit


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An exciting Master Grade supervised by famous Gundam designer Hajime Katoki, the Full Armor Gundam from the Gundam Thunderbolt anime is filled with stunning proportion, detail, and features! All external armor can be removed from the base Gundam for display and features numerous missile hatches that can be displayed ready to launch. Joints can be optionally covered with a vinyl material to recreate the protective texture covering as seen in the animation. Cockpit hatch can open and close with the attached external armor and also allows for storage of the emergency escape pod which can separate from the Gundam. Manipulator backpack arms are articulated allowing various dynamic display options and chest features options for 2 different types of exhaust vents. Full weapon load-out features a double-barreled beam rifle, rocket launcher, 3 beam sabers, 4 shields, and various missile pods. Display stand included. Comes with 22 runners, a sticker sheet, water slide, and vinyl material. Model kit measures approxi

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