Harry Potter Collection Professor Quirrell Figure


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A nervous teacher with a terrible stammer, Quirinus Quirrell taught Defence Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts in Harry’s first year. His classroom constantly smelt of garlic, supposedly to ward off a vampire that attacked Quirrell in his travels in Romania. Quirrel’s distinctive turban hid a dark secret – the disembodied face of Lord Voldemort, whose spirit had been possessing him for years while he sought a way to return to life. Harry and his friends had never suspected the unassuming professor – and barely defeated him in the struggle for the Philosopher’s Stone. This highly detailed polyresin Harry Potter Wizarding World Collection Professor Quirrell Figure with Collector Magazine captures the likeness of the actor Ian Hart as seen in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone . Professor Quirrell’s clothes are on the drab side, with his robes, trousers, and shoes varying shades of brown. His purple turban adds a different colour, but rather than being worn for decorative effect, it is covering the scar

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