Harry Potter Collection Professor Sprout Figure


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An accomplished herbologist and the Head of Hufflepuff House, Professor Pomona Sprout was among the best-liked teachers at Hogwarts. Cheerful and nurturing, she worked to cultivate her students as much as her plants – and encouraged Neville’s hidden talent for working with plants. Yet the gentle Professor Sprout was far from harmless – she grew the deadly Devil’s Snare plant that guarded the Philosopher’s Stone in Harry’s first year, and when Voldemort attacked Hogwarts itself, she was quick to produce an array of venomous magical plants. This highly detailed Harry Potter Wizarding World Collection Professor Sprout Figure with Collector Magazine captures the likeness of the actor, Miriam Margolyes, as seen in Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone . This polyresin figure stands roughly 4 1/3-inches tall and depicts her wearing a hessian-style brown robe with a matching tatty, pointed hat. Her thick gloves and heavy boots provide protection against some of the more dangerous plants she has to tend. This figu

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