Harry Potter Village Fred and George Weasley Statue


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It looks like the Weasley twins are ready for a thrilling game of quidditch. Care to join them? Thankfully, a “F” identifies Fred and a “G” tells us which one is George in this fun Harry Potter Village Fred and George Weasley Statue. In addition to their flying broomsticks, the boys wear their Gryffindor colors and George carriers a suitcase bearing the words “Weasley & Weasley.” Handcrafted and hand painted, they stand about 3-inches tall and are made of zinc alloy, polyresin, and stone powder. Don’t head to the quidditch pitch without them! Fred and George are a perfect complement to the Harry Potter Village The Burrow Statue featuring the magical Weasley family country home (sold separately). Check it out and bring home the enchantment of Harry Potter today! As beaters for the Gryffindor team, twins and notorious mischief makers Fred and George Weasley may be competitive on the pitch, but they prefer to spend their leisure time amusing their peers and terrorizing their professors with everything from d

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