Harry Potter Wizarding World Dobby the Elf Figure


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Brave Dobby the House-Elf served the Malfoy family for years, but now he is free and joins our Wizarding World Figurine Collection! Dobby was the House-Elf enslaved by the Malfoys. In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets he creates impediments to deter Harry from returning to Hogwarts. Unaware of the identity of Dobby’s master and his plan, Harry initially finds the house-elf’s schemes irritating; eventually, however, the young wizard comes to view Dobby as a trusted friend and vital ally until the very end. This highly detailed Harry Potter Wizarding World Collection Dobby the Elf Figure with Collector Magazine captures the likeness of the character as seen in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets . Dressed as usual in short, dirty rags, Dobby looks up delightedly after opening Tom Riddle’s diary and finding Harry’s sock, unwittingly given to him by Lucius Malfoy. Since his master has presented him with clothes, Dobby is now a free elf and able to protect Harry from Lucius’s curse. This Dobby the El

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