Harry Potter Wizarding World Nagini Figure with Magazine


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The final Horcrux, snake Nagini is the key to ending the Second Wizarding War and she slithers into our Wizarding World Figurine Collection! Once a beautiful shapeshifter Maledictus, Nagini is now locked in the form of a serpent – and serves Voldemort as both a venomous assassin and his final Horcrux. As the Dark Lords loyal servant, Nagini always warns him of dangers and attacks at his command. This highly detailed Nagini figurine captures the dangerous snake coiled on top of debris from the ruins of Hogwarts as seen in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2. She rears her head ready to strike with her jaws wide open that reveal rows of sharp fangs. The figurine was meticulously hand-painted to show the pattern on her scales.

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