Heavy Hitter: Brass Baseball Bat Puzzle Sculpture


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Six 6-inch brass bats interlock perfectly to form an intriguing and imposing brass sculpture puzzle. The sculpture weighs around 1.25 kilograms or almost three pounds! It comes disassembled in six brass bat shapes. The solid bat contains a sprung steel ball to help the model stay together. The notches in this item are the same as for the Brass Monkey One puzzle. Assembly is a little trickier as it requires some dexterity to put the pieces together. The end result is stunning. Each brass bat has been modelled to be dimensionally accurate and has been precision CNC milled. A sculpture where the “look, but not touch” rule definitely needs to be waived.It’s a perfect gift for puzzlers, baseball fans and lovers of fine objects. Definitely a perfect gift for those who have everything. Heavy Hitter is a future heirloom.

Sold by: Puzzle Master