Holey Moley


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The idea for this puzzle from a customer. What a riot this one is. You have 9 pegs, all of different lengths, and you have 9 holes, each of different depths, and you have an angled surface to mount them into. The object is to insert the pegs such that they all align up at the same height. Sounds easy doesn’t it…. HA! Keeps you smiling and it is something anyone will attempt. Good solution time is 20 mins.

It comes with a wood cover that slides over the base and pegs. The Cover also serves as a holder to elevate the base while playing. Just invert the cover and slide in the base. Made by Creative Crafthouse in their Springhill, FL shop.

Comes with a solution.

ObjectFit the pegs into the right holes
DifficultyLevel 8 – Demanding
BrandCreative Crafthouse
TypesMore Wood Puzzles, Dave Janelle
Dimensions15.7 cm x 7.9 cm x 4.2 cm / 6.2 in x 3.1 in x 1.7 in