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Experience family fun with this tile-matching game! The object of Honeycombs™ is to connect your tiles together by matching their symbols.The more matches you make the more points you earn. The honeybee is wild and can be connected with any symbol.Honeycombs™ has three unique ways to play, each varying in speed and competitiveness. 1) Play the ‘Workerbee’ version for a fast-paced, competitive experience. DIVIDE the tiles equally between all players. Then RACE against your opponents to be the first player to CONNECT all your tiles together by matching the symbols. Match the most symbols to WIN.2) Play the ‘One Big Honeycomb’ version for a relaxed yet competitive experience where players take turns building a single, huge honeycomb; earning points and stealing turns along the way.3) Play the ‘Honeycombs Puzzle’ version for a leisurely puzzle-building experience which can be played with friends or solo. Ages: 7+ Players: 1 – 8 Average Game Length: 15 – 30 minutesIncludes: 52 hexagon-shaped tiles and instructions

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