House of Tangram


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House of Tangram takes a twist on the classic tangram game by adding a “house” in which the 7 pieces have to be puzzled. Three pieces are in the starting position in a section above the other pieces. All 7 parts must now be puzzled into the space between the two square pieces of frame. Only one solution is possible.Of course, the Tangram can also be used as a traditional game. For this, the 7 different pieces of wood must be laid out in one plane in order to create two-dimensional figures. They must not be placed upright or superimposed in whole or in part.The 7 pieces are colored stained in the three colors white, red and black, resulting in beautiful color combinations! Playing Time: 10 – 20 minutesDesigned by: Dr. Volker Latussek, Germany, 2017 Brand: RombolMaterial: stained seed wood and helvea wood

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